May Economy Range UPVC Decking For Holiday Homes & Garden

Our May Economy Range Of Woodgrain Effect Decking For Garden decking Has Been Designed Specifically For The Cost Conscious Residential Gardens. This Range Does Not Offer All The Options That Come As Standard With The Premium Range But Still Offers A High Quality Product With A Key Feature Of Being A Wider Decking Board.

235mm Wide. Equivalent to 9 .25inches

Looks And Feels Robust

Manufactured To A Very High Standard Eye Catching Driftwood Colour. Comes With Colonial Or Victorian Style Balustrades Top Caps Collars To Match Comes In 2 Colours White Or Cream

Weather Tested To Ensure Long-Term  Low-Maintenance 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty High Quality Materials, Manufactured From Long Term Ultra-Low Maintenance Materials.


Our Economy Range Balustrades come in 2 styles Victorian & Colonial and come in only 2 colours WHITE OR CREAM.

Our Premium Range can be further enhanced with LED LIGHTING fitted into its boards or its unique integrated LED handrail which cleverly conceals a waterproof LED strip to the underside of the top handrail. This innovative design allows the LED strip lighting to be added during the installation of your Sundeck or retro fitted at a later date.

Legacy Modular Aluminium Subframe Systems

As a company we are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Legacy Aluminium Subframes range. Designed and manufactured to our own specification, this modular system has been developed to replace timber subframes and supporting structures in our legendary sundecks making them timber-free.

So why move away from timber?

The answer is simple. Mass deforestation has a major impact on our planet causing irreparable damage both to climate change and the surrounding forest. For every tree that is cut down, a further 20 surrounding trees can be damaged. When hearing these statistics, it’s obvious that things need to change. As a company committed to reducing our impact on our planet by substantially reducing its timber usage and setting new industry standards.

All our modular subframes can be made to fit any size decking either for a caravan or a residential garden decking.

Our Last Words…

We are certain that aluminium subframes will become the industry standard for modern decking substructures in the same way plastic decking replaced timber when they was introduced over 33 years ago.

We haven’t forgotten about the trees either. Working with our global partner we are planting three new trees for every aluminium deck fitted ensuring we leave a lasting legacy.

Please contact us for further information regarding our product on offer. 

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